Elvie Group core business is physical trading and logistics. Customers for oil and petroleum products include electric utilities, refiners, majors and National Oil Companies. Metal and minerals customers range from mining companies to smelters, refined metals retailers and industrial manufacturers.

About Us

Commodities are not always produced close to where there is demand. Physical traders act as distributors, supplying clients and moving products around the world. We take pride in the fact that we have the expertise of both soft and hard primary products and renewables, ranging from petroleum products, wheat, flour, Vegetal Oil, etc...

Physical Trading

Elvie Group does everything possible to make trade work better. We source products from remote locations and can deliver on-time, on-spec shipments almost anywhere. We support producers, invest in terminals and transportation, and meet the most demanding delivery mandates.

Your request

Upon request from you, we strive to meet your requirements. Our team works around the world to guarantee the product at the best price and in the best conditions. We are committed to providing a quality service and to comply with international trade standards in order to allow you to trade safely.


In our business dealings we give as much attention as we can to sustainable development; it is a big part of our history and a massive part of our future. At Count we are committed to work in an environmentally friendly and responsible way. As well as being passionate about innovation and excellence in our business, we strive to help global improvement in those communities that are less fortunate than ourselves. We aim to teach and to provide the tools for sustainable development and to help them move towards a more promising future and a better world. We will never compromise our ethics or integrity and will adhere to the highest standards. We support human rights and will never allow child labour or exploitation.